People For Ukraine

Ukraine is being ruthlessly attacked by Russia.

The people of Ukraine need your help; they are fighting for survival. Join us to show that the United States is supporting their democracy, and will continue to advocate for a free and independent Ukraine.

Your donation goes straight to the government of Ukraine and gives them the resources for humanitarian relief and the ability to defend their country from this onslaught.

You may contribute to either the humanitarian aid fund or the military aid fund at your discretion below. You may donate to both by making a second separate donation. Donations do not qualify to be tax deductible in the United States, as these funds go directly to the Ukrainian government. is a collaboration of businesses and individuals from California who have come together to support Ukraine.

As advertised on national television, the purpose of is to raise funds and have donations directly deposited to the government of Ukraine, in support of the people.

For addtional info or if you have interest in helping this cause, please contact us at or 1-213-806-7111.